Our Story

Cozydetailz is all about creating beautiful and enchanting pieces of handmade jewelry crafted in such a way to compliment the modern era’s versatility and fashion needs.

What started as a fun activity turned into a great passion to create dainty jewels to inspire men and women to make them embrace their looks in a fun and stylish way.

Men and women used to adorn themselves with garlands of flowers, woven grass bracelets, shells, and stone for ages. 

I tried to revamp the antique fashion ideas into something modern and unique. I love to try different jewels and update my look. Jewelry is considered as the most important accessory to enhance beauty.

And so comes the idea to create Cozydetailz.com.



You might be wondering about the name but let me tell you the idea behind this name:

Cozy because we want to give cozy looks to people so they can feel warm and comfortable about their personalities.

Details - Because we want each and every piece to be unique and tailored according to one'e taste - attention to detail - after all retail is detail.

I’m Isabel and I’m running this small business with my husband. We don’t just create jewels we craft them with much care and dedication so our styles can inspire lives and not just for business purposes. And that’s why our every design is unique on its own.


How do we work?

We don’t just randomly pick a product and design it anonymously. We work through a proper plan. Every design we create is a result of endless thinking, planning, and then art directing to give you an expression of excitement and rejuvenation.

I take inspiration from daily life experiences, people’s choices, and architecture. I use my creativity to bring life to that piece of jewel.

And not just that, we work to customize your designs. You can tell us if you have anything specific in mind to create a jewel for you or your friend. You can also tell us those beautiful writings/messages/quotes that you want to tell your loved ones. We’ll take care of creating that lovely piece with much care to convey your love perfectly to your loved ones.