Show Them How to be Stylish this Autumn - COZY DETAILZ


Are you ready to stun this autumn with your style?

Well, it is a well-known fact that your style makes a huge impact on your personality, as it is one of the most important thing that people notice about you at first glance. Both your outfit and fashion accessory plays an important role, making you noticeable.

This season do not let your outfit go unnoticeable by not wearing fantastic fashion accessory. Here are some summer fashion accessories that will help you shine confidently.


1. Long Necklaces

Boho layering and Y-shaped or Lariat necklaces are super trendy in 2020. These colorful long necklaces will make you stand out anywhere. You can wear and rock them on any cocktail party.

2. Short Necklaces

They are an important fashion accessory. You can wear it with casual outfits, formal and also on a friends' night out. The different kinds of short necklaces which are trending now a days are chockers, braided, statement pieces, whichever is your choice you'll rock


3. Bangles & Bracelets

Multilayered bracelets and bands are an important thing in the FW20. The loading of wrists with bracelets and bands are super chic and sophisticated fashion of this season. These colorful beaded and strings or stack bracelets have already made their way to the fashion trends.

4. Hoops

Hoop earring seems like never getting out of style. They always seem to make space in fashion and style in different sizes. In the year 2020, the extra big hoops are making an outstanding appearance on runways. Small hoops with pendants are quite unique and it is also very trendy now a days.


5. Rings

Multi finger rings, band rings, extra wide rings and phalange rings are all welcomed in this FW20 season.  

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