tropical bracelet stack

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Tropical bracelet set with palm tree, cactus and beaded bracelets, beautifully combined with an adjustable closure that makes it easy to put on and take off, plus it rolls with the bracelet making it comfortable to wear. This handmade waterproof wax multi strand bracelet that can be gifted to celebrate any occasion . No need to ask for size or order based on size because one size fits all. You'll love wearing it or stacking it alongside other bracelets. Looking for an exotic but irresistibly trendy touch? Then this bracelet is right for you.

This package has:
- palm tree bracelet
- cactus bracelet
- flower beaded bracelet

You can wear them all together or stacked with other bracelets from your jewelry collection - your outfit, your style, your choice - best deal for any season.

Look cute on their own or stacked with any other jewelry you can sneak a peek 👁 to our packs and blast your wrists. You can also create your own stack with your fav charms.

This string is unique in that it is waterproof and all around durable. One size fits all, 100% polyester with a thin coating of wax, available in many different colors.

All metal pieces are in zamak sterling silver coated with 8 microns.

Adjustable to fit wrists 5.5" to 7.5" - if you need bigger or smaller let me know the wrist size (If the tails of the bracelet are too long, tie each side and burn the ends with a lighter). 

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