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  • Palm Tree Bracelet Stack
  • Palm Tree Bracelet Stack
  • Palm Tree Bracelet Stack
  • Palm Tree Bracelet Stack
  • Palm Tree Bracelet Stack
  • Palm Tree Bracelet Stack

Palm Tree Bracelet Stack

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Beautiful wax bracelets with an adjustable closure that makes it easy to put on and take off, plus it rolls with the bracelet making it comfortable to wear.

This package has:
- palm tree bracelet
- Compass rose bracelet
- minimalist ring bracelet

You can wear them all together or stacked with other bracelets from your jewelry collection - your outfit, your style, your choice - best deal for any season.

Look cute on their own or stacked with any other jewelry you can sneak a peek 👁 to our packs and blast your wrists. You can also create your own stack with your fav charms.

This string is unique in that it is waterproof and all around durable. One size fits all, 100% polyester with a thin coating of wax, available in many different colors.

All metal pieces are in zamak sterling silver coated with 8 microns.

Adjustable to fit wrists 5.5" to 7.5" - if you need bigger or smaller let me know the wrist size (If the tails of the bracelet are too long, tie each side and burn the ends with a lighter). 


Handmade for YOU

Custom Engraving

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Ready to be Gifted

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If you are looking for the perfect gift or want something special for yourself, handmade jewelry is a perfect choice! 
So please ensure that you know how to take the correct measure so that you can choose the right size and to have it perfectly fit.


Necklaces Size Guide


Bracelet and Ring Size Guide



  • All orders are dispatched from Portugal by registered post in padded envelopes to protect the elements within the transport course.
  • All products are shipped in gift package.
  • The tracking number is provided once the order is dispatched. In each country, tracking is available with the local postal company.
  • Because items are personalized and made to order especially for you I can't accept returns unless they arrive damaged or defective.
  • Please email in case of any problem with your order. Check our Returns and Refundssections for more information.

Estimated Delivery Time

As items are custom made, please allow 2-4 business days to produce your order



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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Delivery time may vary depending on the postal traffic: Christmas and Summer seasons, strikes , weather conditions, Covid-19, etc.




Are the items handmade by you?
Yes. All items are custom made. You can mix materials, colors, etc. So take a look around the shop to get inspired and design your own and unique piece… just let me know your choice or you can also request something very special and we'll do our best to meet your expectations -
Do you provide gift wrapping and packaging?
All orders are dispatched from Portugal by registered mail, with padded envelopes to protect the elements within the transport course. All items are presented in a gift package.
How long will it take to have my order delivered?
Delivery time may vary depending on the postal traffic (Christmas and summer seasons, strikes, weather conditions, etc. - which may delay the delivery within the customary delivery times). In general, within the EU, it will take between 5-12 business days and outside the EU / Rest of the world can take up to 25 business days (claims for lost packages, can only be made after 30 days of acceptance date on the post office). In each country there's the tracking available with the local post office company.
Is there any last-minute shopping service available?
Shipping UPGRADE is also available: FEDEX - worldwide (48-96 transit time after production) BLUE PRIME - 5-15 business days and ONLY available in some countries:
What if my order doesn't arrive for some reason?
According with the Portuguese Post Office regulation, a package can only be claimed after 30 days of the dispatch date. It then can take another couple of months for a definitive answer from the post. So, no refund nor replacement will be made during the investigation period from the post. It doesn't happen too often, but in case of non-delivered or lost packages we will always do our best to cooperate with you.
Are my goods insured?
Items are shipped in registered mail, without insurance. Upon request, insured shipping is possible and the costs are borne by the buyer. So, in case you want your package to be insured, please let us know on the checkout notes or send us an e-mail to, immediately after receiving your order confirmation, with your order number so that we can advise you the cost and payment procedures.

What is Zamak?
The Zamak is an alloy of zinc with magnesium, aluminium and copper. It is widely used for jewelry because it is non-corrosive, hypoallergenic, and strong resistance against aging and oxidation. Can be cleaned with any silver cleaning cloth (included in your package, so that you can maintain your item as new)


If you own nice pieces of jewelry, it is very important that you clean them regularly, as they do not look good when they are dirty.
Tarnishing is a natural reaction which does not permanently damage your jewelry. Every piece of silver jewelry which is exposed to air will eventually tarnish it may happen within a few days, months or years before any discoloration). There are also certain types of skin PH that quicker tarnished the pieces.
Most of our jewelry is made with sterling silver plated metals and caring for your plated jewelry is a must for a long lasting and to keep it sparkling!

All gold and silver plated jewelry should be removed before washing your hands, showering, cleaning, exercising and should be worn cautiously when applying certain beauty products, sunscreens, lotions, perfumes, makeup, hairspray, hair products, etc.

To clean, there are many ways and you can buy a silver liquid, take a dry suede cloth and polish the silver plated beads or use any jewelry cleaning cloth (these are available online).
Keep your pieces pretty by gently polishing them with a soft, dry suede cloth whenever they’re looking a little dull to remove heavily tarnished spots. 
There are also homemade ‘recipes’ for cleaning your jewelry. You can clean them using toothpaste or baking soda. Lightly scrub with the toothpaste or soak in baking soda overnight.  
Without regular cleaning, your jewelry will become harder to restore to its original brilliance.
Where possible, we recommend tarnished silver jewelry to be cleaned professionally at your local jewelers (we accept no responsibility for damaged jewelry using any of the cleaning methods listed).

If you do not wear your jewelry often (which surely is not the case) and store it in the open, the oxygen in the air will cause your silver to tarnish. It is important to keep them away from air and direct light, both of which are likely to have an adverse effect.
So, either invest on a good jewelry box with multiple compartments to keep it all separate so nothing ends up scratched, tarnished or tangled, or keep them closed in jewelry pouches or bags.

Taking care of your jewelry lets you get the most for your money and will enable you to enjoy your favorite bracelets like couple matching bracelets, necklaces and earrings for years to come.


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Arianne Loghmani
very cute & made very well!

very cute & made very well!