Mandala Statement Ring Adjustable Extra Wide

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This gorgeous sterling silver plated ring represents a powerful sacred geometry symbol of unity and truth to adorn yourself with simply a beautiful piece of modern geometric jewelry easy to wear all day with all your outfits and will definitely give a modern and boho touch to your look.

A beautiful gift for those dedicated to tantra, meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practice. With tribal and ethnic inspiration is It looks beautiful on human skin and is a real eye catcher.

As the ring is slightly adjustable you can wear it at all fingers depending on your bone structure you can wear more or less open - the original size is for 17mm diameter

This ring is perfect to stack with all your other jewelry and it can be worn by itself or even looks greater stacking with your other rings.

• Pewter sterling Silver plated (inner diameter 17mm - slightly adjustable)
• Rind wide Band: 50mm


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