When you need personalized jewel with specially inscribed messages, think Cozy Detailz.  We peep into your heart and know what is good for you. We bring you to the world of enchanting jewels. 

We are designers and crafters of skilfully designed jewels and decorative accessories that are worn, used at home or in the office with special messages and inscriptions.

We give detailed dedication to each of our products, which has placed us on a good pedestal of success.  We are moved by those words we receive when our products like defines love in their most alluring way.

The dream started years back in Lisbon by Isabel.  


What started as a casual fun has grown into a good outfit that produces urbane, enchanting and irresistible jewels.

Whether you desire an outing along the garden parterre or by the shoreline of a roaring sea; whether you desire to relish a great time with loved ones indoors or you choose to ride along the lakeside, our products will suit the moment and speak a thousand silent word of love.


And bring in your friends. Why not?  What better way can we show we care than being on Cozy Club with friends and loved ones?


the concept

Our jewel range and decorative accessories are crafted to create an emotional connection. We take into consideration the fact that love can be braced to sassy heights with the power of gifting custom-made jewels.

Our styles are urbane and our designs are stylishly suave. They are irresistible because we always follow changing trends and thus create fashionable jewels that meet the needs of our clientele.  Whether the jewels are for personal, home or office use, they create irresistible focal points of alluring beauty.

Our personalized and custom-made jewels come with unique and of varied designs and themes including equestrian, nautical, infinity, and memorial handwriting jewels. Furthermore, our special jewels are customized to suit client’s preference and desires.

All our products are made with dedication, taking into consideration that the gifts we give are like perennial spring that runs in the fount of their hearts.  As a result, we are driven by this passion that someone is wearing a 'piece and bit' made with all dedication, care, and love.

The materials used are of the highest obtainable quality such as Leathers, Zamak Sterling Silver Plated, Aluminium, Genuine Portuguese Cork, Swarowski Crystals, Ceramic, Resin Beads, so much and more.

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