Beaded Necklaces

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boho horn necklace with beads
Boho Horn Necklace with Beads
Regular price $49.99
Ocean Charms Beaded Necklace
Regular price $55.00
spike necklace for woman
Spike Necklace for Woman
Regular price $49.98
seed beaded choker necklace
seed beaded choker necklace
Regular price $28.50
beaded necklace with drop charms
Beaded Necklace with Drops
Regular price $44.50
turquoise beaded beach necklace
turquoise beaded beach necklace
Regular price $28.50
statement necklace for women
Statement Beaded Necklace for Women
Regular price $41.50
beaded beach necklace with anchor pendant
Beaded Necklace with Anchor Charm
Regular price $27.00
boho layering necklace beaded with peace sign pendant 60's style with turquoise and orange beads
Bronze Necklace Beaded with Peace Sign
Regular price $34.49
beaded necklace with leaf charm and african turquoise chips, boho bead necklace with leaves
Beaded Necklace with Leaf Charm
Regular price $39.99
cowrie shell necklace with freshwater pearls, natural cowrie shell choker, shell necklace beach jewelry
Cowrie Shell Necklace with Freshwater Pearls
Regular price $34.99 $27.00
dainty beaded necklace with heart charm and freshwater pearl, heart necklace pearl jewelry wedding gift
Heart Necklace Beaded with Freshwater Pearl
Regular price $34.99
natural amazonite chips beaded necklace with ocean charms, summer jewelry starfish necklace with shells
Amazonite Beaded Necklace with Ocean Charms
Regular price $39.49
dainty beaded necklace with seed and drop charms, choker dainty necklace for her, seed bead necklace
Beaded Necklace with Seed Beads and Drop Charms
Regular price $34.99
layered necklace beaded with drop charms, boho jewelry silver statement drop necklace
layered necklace beaded with drop charms
Regular price $34.50