Leather Necklace with Kids Name

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Looking for a stupendous and exceptionally designed birthday or anniversary gift? This exclusively designed personalized necklace is the best option for women of almost every age.

The necklaces can be personalized: you can carve your name, lucky number or star (basically anything you want) and make this necklace special.

Moreover, the beauty of the necklace is enhanced by the selection of different colors of the rosin beads and metal pieces are in zamak, sterling silver plated and leather, all of which together make the necklace strong and durable.

The colored beads along with silver ones in the center give it a unique and inimitable look.

So, if you are looking for an exclusive gift for women then this necklace is certainly the best option. You’ll surely love each and every single thing of this necklace.

• boy or girl charm 25mm in zamak sterling silver plated with 8 microns• 
• beads and magnetic clasp in zamak sterling silver plated with 8 microns

• rosin beads matching the leather color (let me know if you want a specific color)
• round leather 2mm in several colors to choose


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