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Engraved Handmade Jewelry is Personalized and Intimate!

Our custom handmade jewelry is PERSONALIZED, ENGRAVED, UNIQUE, AFFORDABLEand suitable for EVERYDAY WEAR
Show Your Love through a Personal Touch, Let Them Know You Deeply Care!
Our product range includes Engraved Necklaces, engraved Bracelets and Engraved Accessories such as Keychains, Lanyards and Luggage Tags.
Our handmade and customized gifts are a unique way to express a special bond between you and your loved ones. One that is timeless and deep-rooted.


Customized jewelry is a perfect expression of love…

Engraved Handmade Jewelry is an intimate gift for your loved ones, and a unique way to express your personality.
When you inscribe a name on a necklace or bracelet, it shows a deep connection between you and your loved one.
Be it your mother or father, sister or brother, soulmate or a dear friend, Engraved Necklaces, Engraved Bracelets, Engraved Keychains, Engraved Lanyards, etc. show an eternal emotional attachment that does not fade away.
Made to order and personalized, our custom handmade jewelry is a permanent reminder of your love and care.

The Brand that is Cozy Detailz…

We help you express your love and affection!
Sprang out of our passion for personalized gifts for your loved ones.
At first, we just wanted to send homemade and intimate gifts to our loved ones but the response was so great that we decided to develop it further.
In short, it was a desire for expression of love and emotional attachment that started the whole process.
Today, at Cozy Detailz, we continue to add a personalized touch to your gifts through engraved artwork on jewelry.
Our products, custom handmade in Portugal, are special and highly personal, going from simple and minimalist to wide and chunky custom handmade jewelry pieces. These include Engraved Necklaces, Customized Earrings, Engraved Bracelets, Handmade Anklets, Unique Rings and many other articles such as Custom Engraved Keychains, Inscribed Lanyards and Personalized Luggage Tags.

Stand Out from the crowd...

Engraved Handmade Jewelry is the customized gifts that can impart a special value to your relationship…
Engraved Necklaces that are enchanting and ethereal, Inscribed Bracelets that show eternal affection and blissful love, charming Earrings that are intimate, captivating Rings that are bewitching, etched Anklets to express your unique personality, Engraved Accessories that show personalized attention and show adulation to your someone special…